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Some software providers manage to impress and make a great reputation for themselves even if they have less than ten online free slot machines. This is because for real gamblers it's not about quantity, it's above quality above everything else. This is the case of Rabcat software provider which have made some of the best online free slot machine games that we have ever seen. If you're curious about everything that makes them special then you should continue reading the review below to see what exactly it is that makes them tick!
    1. Rabcat Software Provider History
    2. Rabcat trademarks
    3. Best Rabcat online slot machines
    4. Why play casino games by Rabcat Software Provider

Rabcat Software Provider History

Rabcat is a software provider that started its journey in the gambling world in 2001 and has managed to reach the top of this industry in quite a short period of time. Not only did they adapt to the demands of this industry, but they found a way to become one of the best by producing from the start only premium high-quality online slot machine games that work on laptops and pcs as well as mobile devices. The thing that truly sets Rabcat casino games apart from the other ones available on this huge market is the quality. And since they are of such outstanding quality, a lot of the biggest brands wanted to have them. QuickFire and Obodo started porting Rabcat online slot machine games and moving them to the platforms of the biggest casinos. Because they use these back-end services, all Rabcat online slot machines can be played directly from your browser with no download required! You might notice that a bunch of their free slot machines are released under the huge Microgaming umbrella. This is because Rabcat signed a deal with them in 2014 and Microgaming became the exclusive distributor of their casino games. This means that the free slot machines get to be famous all over the world to all the clients of Microgaming and in return, they give Microgaming the chance to put their name on great products.

Rabcat trademarks

Rabcat software provider creates online slot machine games that are quite easy to recognize because they have a unique style as well as a bunch of similar features. If you've played some of their free slot machines you will surely recognize others by the same software provider even if it's been years since you've last played them. The fact that they work on tablets, smartphones and computers is one factor that sets them apart from a lot of software providers and it's also the reason that made them so hugely popular among players. One of the things that most of their online free slot machines have in common is the way the dashboard or command center of a casino game is built. The order and the buttons themselves. Even if they are highly personalized to fit the theme of each and every one of the casino games they still scream Rabcat. Another thing is the highly realistic graphics they use and the outstanding animations. Every online free slot machine they make has all sorts of characters that will sit next to the reels and interact continuously with the environment and rejoice whenever you make a winning combination. There are also a bunch of progressive features that can be found in their casino games. They are different from one to the next, but they keep the same basic principle. Gathering some symbols will keep adding up until you trigger a special bonus game that will bring you some extra cash.

Best Rabcat online slot machine games

The thing about their online slot games is that if you play just one you will be instantly hooked and will want to try out even more. The only downside is that they don't really have so many. Still, the ones they do have are so brilliant that it's quite hard to pick favorites. But we'll try our best! River of Riches is a favorite because it had the power to transform the Egypt theme that we've gotten pretty sick of into something simply amazing. This online slot has 25 paylines and a couple of great bonus games and features that will keep you coming back for more. You can get free spins, wilds, and fixed wilds and win big, but it's the graphics and the way light falls on this online slot machine that really impresses. Forsaken Kingdom is another amazing online free slot by Rabcat provider. This time you will go back in time to when King Arthur ruled in Camelot and you'll join the knights of the round table on their quest. While the theme is amazing in itself and the graphics are as always impeccable, this time it's bonus rounds and features that take the crown. Collecting shields will eventually trigger a bonus round in which you get to see the actual round table and win some nice cash prizes. When King Arthur meets Guinevere they will trigger the Eternal Love bonus, while landing Arthur next to the Dark Knight starts the Epic Battle bonus. Dragon's Myth is one of their newer online free slot machine games and it gets even better than the others, in terms of graphics, animations, sound effects, gameplay and bonus games. There really is no way to explain how genius this casino game is, you'll just have to play it to see for yourself.

Why play casino games by Rabcat Software Provider

Sure, there may not have a huge portfolio of free slot machines, but everything they have ever done really is amazing. There is just no way you won't enjoy their casino games from beginning to end. So if you're looking for brilliant graphics and outstanding gameplay and bonus games here is where you'll find them! Check out everything they have to offer and you'll surely be convinced that you can't be a real slot player if you don't try Rabcat slots!

Rabcat Games

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