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Leander Games

There are some software providers that prove that you don't have to be in the gambling industry for a lot of years to make a difference. Leander software provider is one of them and they managed to become well-known and put their mark on gambling history in a very short time. Keep reading this article to find out more about Leander and what makes them so special.

Leander Software Provider History

If you've played their online slot machines before you probably think that Leander Games is a software provider that has been around for quite a long time if they manage to create such great online casino games. Well, you are partially right because they do launch incredible online casino games, but they've only been in the business since 2008. In 2008, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a place where you don't really hear about people getting in the gambling business, this team managed to create a great system that led to loads of fun you're having today. They didn't waste any time because in 2013 they won the Social Gaming Supplier of the Year award at the very prestigious EGR awards.

Leander trademarks

If there's a thing that the Leander software provider makes sure to have in all of their online slot machines then that's interesting in-reel features like expanding wilds, for example, and also plenty of bonus rounds to keep you interested and winning big so that you will play for a very long time and keep coming back for more. The online casino games that have made them well-known all over the world are part of the Reely collection. These amazing online casino games put a spin on classic casino games, literally... What they did was combine poker or roulette with video slots to obtain just brilliant video slots with amazing features. For example, you will see that Reely Poker has a poker game included as a side bet and cards on the reels, while Reely Roulette brings the best of both worlds, online slot machine meets roulette. Apart from this, there aren't many things their video slots have in common because they try their best to come up with something new and interesting every time. So the only thing that might give away the fact that you are looking at video slots by Leander Games is that they are innovative, colorful, funny or even very life-like if it's a video slot with a music theme and features singers.

Best Leander online slot machine games

They don't have all that many video slots in their portfolio, but what they've done this far is really great so it's hard to choose which ones are the best online slot machine games made by Leander Games. If there's one thing they've done exceptionally well then those are the music-themed video slots. Dolly and Megadeth are two amazing examples. Dolly is a video slot based on the famous singer Dolly Parton and she really makes an appearance and an impression when she appears on the reels. This online casino game doesn't just look life-like but it will blow you away with the sound effects since it features Dolly Parton's best songs. It's the same with the Megadeth online slot machine. You'll feel just like you're at one of their concerts and they are singing only for you. And not only this, but there are plenty of amazing bonuses to help you win quite a lot. Dragon is another fantastic online slot machine that features amazing graphics and even more amazing bonus games. The gameplay flows smoothly and if you're lucky enough to trigger the bonus games you'll win a lot of money and really enjoy yourself in a fantasy world with fighting dragons. Pablo Picasslot really puts a spin on art and adds humor to it. You'd think it's about the famous painter Pablo Picasso, but instead, it's focused on all the important paintings that everyone has heard about. Only each and every one of them have mustaches and berets drawn onto them. It's not only hilarious but just as the rest of Leander Games video slots, filled with bonus features that will have you interact with the famous paintings in different ways. Zombie Rush is another example of what Leander software producer can do. This 3D video slot is graphically impressive and features a post-apocalyptic theme with zombies. Still, it's done in such a way that it's more funny than actually scary. If the graphics aren't enough to really impress you then wait until you trigger the bonus features because these are certainly worth the wait. For once you have a Nuclear Zombie feature that has toxic waste spilling on them and making them wild. Then you get free spins with stacked Nuclear Zombies included. There are also re-spins to help you win more. And if that still isn't enough for you there's a great bonus game in which you have to find your friend by opening all sorts of doors.

Why play casino games by Leander Software Provider

You should try Leander Games because they never disappoint, no matter what kind of theme they use they make sure to perfect every aspect of it. Even if the choose themes that have been done several times before they put a twist on them and make them interesting again. Not only this, but they are highly innovative and want to take online slot machines to the next level and create an ultimate online casino game by bringing them together with roulette, bingo or poker, for example. So if you're looking to spice things up when it comes to your gambling habits then Leander Games might be just what you need! The best part about Leander Games is that you can choose to play each and every one of their casino games as free slots! So try them now for free with no download, no deposit and no registration required and see if they are what you desire!

Leander Games Games

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