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If you are a movie aficionado then you certainly can't miss out on this software provider, you just have to try their casino games. IsoftBet makes some of the best movie themed online slot machines we've ever seen! Continue reading this review to find out more about this amazing software provider and what makes them special!  
  1. ISoftBet Software Provider History
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ISoftBet Software Provider History

IsoftBet is one of those software providers that people don't really know a lot of details about. Their beginning in the gambling world is quite unclear and shrouded in mystery. The Alderney license listing has them listed as ISB and they've been in the attention of the media from 2010. While the exact year they started isn't very clear, it's not all that important either. The important thing is that they offer a vast array of casino games that truly sets them apart from other software providers. To this day they have more than 400 casino games which means that you have plenty of options when you decide to try IsoftBet casino games. So many that you could play a different day and not get bored for a very long time. In fact, before you finish playing all of them at least once, chances are they will release at least one new online free slot machine for you to enjoy. As time goes by, they don't start reusing theme and launching online free slot machines just to make money, they really try hard to raise the standards with every one of their casino games. They get better and better and you can really see the progress they've made.

ISoftBet trademarks

While most of the casino games by IsoftBet software provider have five reels, you will find some that have three reels as well, but those are far from what you'd expect. Their online slot machines that feature three reels have an interesting take on the classic fruit machines. While you do in fact get the well-known symbols, you will also be given two extra optional reels that can really help you win big. This is because the fourth reel could get you extra coins, while the fifth will be filled with multipliers. These extra reels will work with a secondary bet so you can choose whether or not you want this bonus chance of winning or not and if it's worth it. If you take a look at most software providers you will realize that most of them try to create online slot machines with every theme they can think of. While they can't seem to find their own path and just spread all over the place, IsoftBet software provider knows exactly what they are good at. This is why they focus mostly on TV show and movie themed online slot machines. If you're the type of person that really loves movies then you will surely find at least one of your favorites if you check their portfolio. You can find other online slot machine themes, but they are all quite special not repetitions on the same classic ones we see done by all casino games providers.

Best ISoftBet online slot machine games

IsoftBet software provider has a lot of amazing online slot machines and every time they launch another one it instantly becomes a favorite. But we can't say we only love the new ones because the old ones are the kind that stay with you forever and you keep coming back to them like clockwork. This is why it's really hard to choose just a couple free slot machines and say that those are the best, but we'll do our best to present the five online slot machines that we think are the best right now. Even if tomorrow we might choose another five for our top! One that will probably always make our top is the Basic Instinct online slot machine. As you probably guessed the IsoftBet based this casino game on the controversial 1992 movie that stars Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas as the main characters. If the movie is still amazing even after all these year, the casino game is even better. Not only will you get to see important scenes from the film but you can also get three different bonus games which will be triggered by three different stacked Sharon Stone symbols. You will find different kinds of wilds, a progressive jackpot and 243 ways to win so not only does it look great, but it has the potential to make you very rich! There are some actors that manage to pull off a role in such an amazing way that no matter how many movies they do after that you will always think of them as that character they once played. This is the case with Sylvester Stallone and his role as Rambo in the eponymous movie. Such an awesome movie needed to become an online free slot and IsoftBet took care of it. The casino game features the actor as well as 720 ways to win and a free spins bonus game. If you feel like these features aren't enough to make you spin the reels you should also know that there are not one, but four progressive jackpots in play. Lady Bug Adventures is a new addition to their portfolio, but it goes straight to the top. The most interesting thing about it is that it's based on an animation that hasn't been launched yet. The online free slot tells the story of a French teenage girl that has superpowers. While the graphics are truly amazing, it's the features and bonus games that really impress us. Every time the superhero hits the reels you get a random respin. There are free spins, respins, expanding wilds and a progressive jackpot all there to make you win a lot of money. There aren't a lot of people that haven't heard of the Addams Family and this is the exact reason that you'll like Spooky Family online free slot. The characters that you'll see on the reels look just like the ones from the movie, but that's not all there is to this casino game. You also get a random bonus feature, cash prizes and a bunch of free spins.

Why play casino games by ISoftBet Software Provider

If you want great graphics and even better bonus games and movie themed online free slot machines then there really is no other software provider that will bring you all of them! There's plenty to win and a lot of fun to be had if you choose IsoftBet!

ISoftBet Games

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