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If you want to play a great slot, then you must know details about Genii, a software provider that produces great online slots. Read this review and learn:

An overall description of a slot machine provider

Genii is a software provider that focuses on online slot games and other iGaming products, and they are doing a great job. This is because every product created by them has two main characteristics: 1. sharp and detailed graphics; 2. great animations. This software house has created a diversity of slots with ultra-fine graphics in the last few years. Those online slot games that have become extremely popular from this software provider are the following: 1. Legends of Greece; 2. Robin of Sherwood; 3. Rise of Spartans. The themes used by this company are definitely familiar to many players. However, what really makes a difference is an immersive storytelling style. This is the crucial element that made all of these games extremely attractive. The iGaming industry is competitive and fast-moving, hence the necessity for Genii to innovate and also gamble with new products. It seems this strategy that involved assuming some risks has paid off. As a result, this company has entered into many partnerships with big names in the gambling industry.

The team behind this provider of casino games

The staff from Genii is using bold statements when it comes to giving praise to their creative team. So, they explain to many fans of casino games that their team is using their intellect, creativity, and impeccable graphic crafting to bring unique games to devices and platforms. Even though it may sound more arrogant than just simply bold, this statement is somehow true. This is because the company has more than 15 years of experience in the casino industry. Also, its leaders have started focusing on casino gaming since the 1990s.

Innovation and compatibility of their online casino games


This stands out from this company's opportunity mindset, which they link to developing solutions to problems. They are actually developing new products and games while remaining open-minded and willing to experiment. Even if their mindset will sometimes lead to failures, this is much better than having a rigid mindset. The operators can choose to partner with Genii on an individual per-game basis or using the full gaming solution package of this company. The originality and open-mindedness of this software provider are the key elements that attract many operators.


The company had sensed there will come a moment in the casino industry when all games of chance will have to pass towards the mobile sector. The success achieved in this regard proves they have managed in an excellent manner to keep the pace with the sector of mobile gaming. At the moment, Genii is one of the world's leading providers of mobile games. Thus, they developed a variety of titles for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Their achievement is attributed to their great gaming engine. This hardware was developed from a partnership with three big names in the IT industry: Dell, Microsoft, and Fusion-io. Another element that makes their gaming platform fast, responsive and completely scalable is the company's mastery of the Cloud technology.

Genii's contribution to the development of casino games

They are the specialty of this company, but they have also expanded into customer relationship management systems. Those are designed to satisfy the requirements of gaming operators, especially casinos. Even if the origins of Genii are in the Eastern Europe, they have expanded for a long time and can compete with other software houses, such as Betdigital. Now, they have developers from all over the world. Creating such an expert network has allowed this company to deliver, support and develop gaming solutions. From a qualitative perspective, these solutions are equally rewarding for both players and operators. The development team from the company has created slots, Keno, Joker Poker and many other popular casino games.

The great Genii slots

Not even a veteran player can say that two Genii online slot games are identical, not even from a stylistic perspective. This provider uses various in-house designers, whose abilities make them create each slot game with a piece of individuality. They are great in avoiding that a slot is a clone of a previous one. The company has titles at least as good enough as those from Capecod. This is the case with three online slot games that have a contrast in graphical styles and colors. Maybe few people will not notice these casino games are released by the same developer. They are the following:
  • Big Game;
  • Elementium;
  • Horn of Plenty.
Additional to offering their entire portfolio of online slots to online casinos, the company also licenses its titles. The beneficiaries are online gaming firms, which allows clients to select what games attract them. This provider has over 130 slots to choose from, which offers their clients a varied range of options. Among their partners are big names in the industry such as:
  • LeoVegas;
  • iForium;
  • Casino Dukes.

Two innovative Genii slot machines

The online slot games from this company show trust in their activity and a lack of fear in innovation. They can easily compete with those from other companies, such as NextGen Gaming. Two slot games are the perfect example of this fact:

1. Elementium

This online slot game contains unique double direction paylines. It gives a player complete control of the way the 16 reels can spin. This slot is not standalone, but part of a collection called Spin16.

2. Arcadia i3D

This is a complex online slot that has a simple gameplay, even if its matrix contains more than 240 ways to win. This title has an amazing depth: there are 3D icons that drop before spinning and disappearing. Also, birds are flying over the reels and trucks are cruising by.

The technology behind Genii slots

Containing more than 130 titles, the complete collection of this software provider was created with the purpose of maximizing both player engagement and interaction. These games have a unique and patented content, including the pride of the company: the Spin16 technology. Its purpose is to allow players to interact directly with the reels, giving this slot two important qualities: breadth and depth. When it started to design new games, this firm has surpassed the phase of inventing a captivating name and theme and then building that slot. They have also taken care of many necessary processes, such as:
  • target demographics;
  • mathematics;
  • market trends;
  • consulting operators.
In every instance, the purpose of this slot developer is to maximize the enjoyment and playing time for the player and the return for the operator. Even if this is a delicate and hard to achieve balancing act, when implemented correctly, it will bear dividends. The main consumer of products of Genii products are online casinos, but they have various clients. The software developed by this company is not exclusively designed for online casinos, it is also suited for brick-and-mortar ones. Those PC and Mac users that want to download casino software to play can also use it.

A cleverly designed platform for casino games

Each and every Genii online slot needs a platform that will allow it to function flawlessly. It also enables it to be compatible with third party applications and existing systems. Their advanced software functions on push technology that delivers information to the operator when is needed. This will make those complex dropdown menu options unnecessary. The operator will be able to determine the KPI, having the possibility to develop a solution customized for his needs only. There is a bonus system that integrates perfectly with all of the company's products. Every online slot running on Genii's platform ensures accuracy by having its own bonus balancing attached.

Final considerations about an innovative software, slot and casino games provider

1. Genii have already imposed themselves as a strong, professional and trustworthy company into the industry of mobile gaming. 2. They have also maintained a firm presence in many online casinos available from the desktop via their in-browser or downloadable software. 3. The gaming platform developed by Genii is a great tool for many operators. 4. For any slot fan, this software provider has created that type of online slot which has great graphics and innovative features.

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