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A new company in the industry of casino games

Not all casino players and fans are necessarily eager to play slots, roulette, poker or other popular standard casino games. Some of them are always willing to test their knowledge for an opportunity to obtain prizes. Those players that played some slots from popular providers like Amatic can take a break and play other fun casino games. There is a software provider that has answered the gambling need of this particular category of players, namely Gamevy. Even if this software company has entered the casino gaming market only in the last few years, they are already showing great promise. There are three criteria that recommend this software provider as a trustworthy producer of online casino games: 1. Gamevy has a portfolio of entertaining games that can be played for real money; 2. the company is licensed to take part in betting activities; 3. Gamevy has been awarded at the ICE totally gaming conference in 2015. This Londonese start-up is a modern one, composed of a team of game-making technicians and very talented business entrepreneurs. There is, however, a criticizable aspect about Gamevy: they do not create online slot games. Their activity consists in creating an attractive variety of interactive games, that represent a combination of television game shows and luck-based betting games. The final products that result from their mix are online casino games that offer a very thrilling and alert gambling action.

Starting steps for this novice software provider

Their simple status as a start-up software company does not allow Gamevy to have a good reputation. This would be created in a couple of years of activity in the gambling market. This would be the reason why the company aims to promote their brand and name. Their strategy is by presenting themselves as a team of people that are young, vibrant and exciting. This doesn't mean in any way that they have a lack of experience. More exactly, some of their personnel have great careers in business, digital design, and marketing. Even if this software studio has a small team, they have relevant experience working for some known brands and corporations. Some of the most known of them are Gap, John Lewis, The Guardian, the Daily Mail and BBC Worldwide.

Gamevy's license for casino play

The e-gaming world is that place where one of the most important aspects is integrity. This principle is closely related to software companies and casino operators. This is because all of them must demonstrate to their clients that their products have accreditation. In this regard, Gamevy has obtained a license to host gambling activities from one of the most known and respected licensing authorities. That institution is the UK Gambling Commission, a strong real-money gaming authority. This means that any player that is based in Great Britain must rest assured about the legal base of Gamevy products. These are all designed in perfect compliance with the most severe standards of player safety and responsibility.

The potential of a possible provider for online casinos

Many casino game players have noticed that this company is characterized by a high degree of professionalism. The potential to succeed of Gamevy is certified by a prestigious distinction which this software provider has received in 2015, at the ICE Totally Gaming convention. Their distinction was the Pitch ICE award. They have also surpassed many other competitors, both new and experienced. Thus, they have obtained the Game to Watch Award ICE 2016.

Seven innovative Gamevy casino games

1. The Heist

This is actually their online casino game through which this provider has received their distinction in 2015. What a player won't find in this game are spinning reels, no roulette wheel, and no playing cards. This title contains a playing format that is uniquely conceived, but also innovative. The player will become a contestant on a game show, just like the ones that are daily featured on TV. Even this is a simple idea, it was never applied before with such successful results. This is the element that makes Gamevy a very promising software house. This casino game requires a player to place a wager, but the gameplay is a combination of skill, luck, and general knowledge. This means that pure luck is not enough for someone to obtain some cash prizes. The design of this casino game is that of an underground vault from the future, which must be entered through a platform full of booby traps. Every step one takes can result in either a safe pass, a question of general knowledge, or an alarm. When all five alarms are set off by a player that steps on the wrong tile or offers a wrong answer to a question, he loses the wager and must begin again. If he reaches the vault then he has the chance to play for the top jackpot by choosing random cash bags, which he must steal. He must be careful to cash out before he activates more alarms.

2. Gears of Fortune

Another one of Gamevy's online casino games where general knowledge questions are combined with a little bit of luck. The player must spin a science-fiction inspired wheel containing a variety of odd and beautiful symbols. His purpose is to avoid collecting five hazard icons because they will end the game. If he manages to obtain matching combinations of other symbols, then he can grab some interesting prizes. The fun starts when one obtains the special key symbols. They will enable him to access questions, which if answered correctly, will offer him various gear stars. If he matches three gear stars that have the same color, then he may win maximum 50,000 GBP, depending on how much he had previously bet.

3. Buzzword Bingo

This online casino game is one that contains an element of skill. It requires vocabulary knowledge and some guesswork. Using them, a player could earn bingo balls and maybe even win the cash prize jackpot round.

4. Diamond Deal

This title has a more direct setup, where users must select from a sparkling grid of doors and find one of ten diamonds. When they make a wrong choice, they will lose a life. However, when the diamond is found, the prize increases exponentially and the player's lives are restored.

5. Epic Gems

Entering a galactic setting, the player will notice a variety of gem symbols. He must select a gem, which will increase his bet in a small manner. If he is lucky enough to select 7 in a row, then his bet will be doubled. There must be mentioned that four gems have hidden explosive mines behind them. If one is detonated, then all the gems are blown away together with the player's accumulated prizes.

6. Boss the Lotto

7. Boss the Ball

Both of these online casino games have lottery style aesthetics combined with a gameplay where a punter must select random numbers. Once chosen, they can either reveal supplementary wins or they can be a dud ball that results in a loss.

Something that is almost a slot machine

Many Gamevy fans appreciate two things about the vast majority of casino games created by this software provider:
  • complex gameplay styles;
  • ways to win that are really innovative.
While all of this is actually great, there is something missing from this company's approach to online gaming: online slot machines. They have a single title that resembles a lot of slot machines, called Spinlotto. This casino game contains 5 reels and 10 paylines containing random lotto numbers starting from 1 and up to 49. Even so, the game has a requirement that the player will select his own lucky numbers, in a total of five. They are the only ones that form a winning combination on the paytable. Even though the wins are coming rarely in this Gamevy slot-like game, the things are not as bad as they seem. This is because a special sixth reel is included, which contains a special feature, namely Star Booster. When a winning combination is obtained, the player must make a correct guess of a star number. His range of choosing is from 1 to 15. The right answer will reward him with a multiplier of his original win that is maximum 20x.

Gamevy: an inventive and innovative software provider

Even if Gamevy may look like an atypical software company, they are a perfect part of the contemporary domain of e-gaming. With their innovative skills and original game offer, Gamevy is following the same trend of many new game creators. However, this new category of providers along with Gamevy, are launching new challenges to the stable order of the online gambling domain. The gaming industry has entered a new phase with those exciting titles produced by Gamevy. Their products are stimulating more and more people to start playing with two simple features they possess:
  • selecting random objects;
  • answering quiz questions.
These additional ways of playing demonstrate that sometimes, something more than luck is necessary to unite the gap between a player's wagers and a jackpot prize. For those people that wish to play some slots after checking out Gamevy's offer, they should also try out some slots from Elk Studios.

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