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Online casino games are always a good choice of spending spare time especially since most providers are extending their products to other modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, Kindle, and even smartwatches. Gamesys is one of the leading software providers in the online casino games industry and the numbers are impressive: more than 1000 employees who work tirelessly to deliver premium online slot machines and various other casino games to over 25 million players across 51 nations all over the globe. If you have any doubts about the popularity of Gamesys, you should know that important names in the online gaming industry have partnered up with this top-notch software provider. Here’s what we’re going to talk about in this article:
  1. General information
  2. Products
  3. User interface features
  4. Conclusion

General information about Gamesys

This brilliant software developer was founded in 2001 by Noel Hayden and has come a long way in over a decade of activity. In 2002, they launched their own online casino and by 2005, they had over 100,000 active members. Gamesys have made a lot of astonishing online slot machines that people enjoy on a daily basis. Moreover, that’s not their only expertise! In 2007, they launched Botemania, an exclusive Spanish online casino that won an important prize: The Bingo Operator of the year! And since we’re talking about awards, 2009 was an important year for Gamesys. They won the EGR Innovation Award for their remarkable online casino games, they had their first jackpot winner who claimed his £1.6 million prize, and they also made contact with social media and developed online casino games especially for these platforms. Don’t get too excited about that gigantic prize, because there was another jackpot winner in 2010. This time, the lucky gambler won a staggering £1.9 million and that record hasn’t been broken yet. As a matter-of-fact, you might be the next jackpot winner! In 2010 an important partnership between Gamesys and Caesars was about to begin. Speaking about innovations, Gamesys was the first software provider to launch online casino games with real money on Facebook. It all happen in 2012 when they also started developing mobile games. They recognized the importance of mobility and they quickly turned their attention to mobile gaming. In 2014 they took to Facebook to launch Virgin poker and in 2015, they were the first ones to create an online bingo software in the United States. Such an impressive portfolio, no wonder their wagering was well above $.4 billion. Their website is unique since the user interface is so engaging and friendly. There is a little section called Gamesys DNA that illustrates in the most creative manner, all the specific traits Gamesys values the most and all employees must have in order to get hired:
  • Enjoy gambling
  • Enjoy smart gambling
  • Team player
  • Perseverance
  • Caring
  • Always look for more answers
  • Possess a touch of weirdness

What type of product does Gamesys develop?

The answer is simple: any type of online slot machines and other table games that people can enjoy right from their favorite devices while riding the subway or enjoying a lunch break at work. Here’s a little list of game categories you’ll find on the website and some famous examples of each:
  • Online slot machines: Houdini, Wonderland, Tiki Island, the Godfather, Secrets of the Phoenix, Tiki Totems, Barnyard Bonanza, Jalapeno Racers, Wonder of the Deep, Double Bubble;
  • Bingo: Bingo Royale, Take Me Out Bingo, Speed Bingo;
  • Table games: Caribbean Stud Poker, Craps, Video Poker, Hi-Lo, Pai Gow Poker.
Regardless of your preferences, I’m convinced you’ll find the right casino game for you. The prizes are huge and many were the lucky gamblers who changed their lives completely after playing one of these games. You could be the next star! You just need to have the courage to place a deposit and develop a strong strategy that will help you win big time! Let’s have a further look at some games they produce, so you could decide if their products are meant for you!
  1. Houdini is an intriguing online slot based on an obvious magical theme. Since Houdini was the father of illusions, it’s obvious the developers meant an extra mile to turn this little slot in a beautiful tribute. Features 5 reels and 25 lines.
  2. Wonderland is probably the most engaging slot you ever play. The animations and the 3-D illustrations are in perfect harmony with the Alice in Wonderland theme. You’ve got the Mad Hatter, the psychedelic cat, those weird mushrooms, and even the busy rabbit. Once again, you’ll see the 5x3 reel grid and 25 flexible paylines.
  3. The Godfather is a 5x3 slot that features all your favorite characters from the famous 1972 classic movie. Without giving too much away, and telling you that Gamesys has outdone themselves with this game!

User interface

As we discussed before, Gamesys is aware that we live in a fast-paced world and made a mobile version for all of these wonderful games. Now, gamblers are able to enjoy these well-designed casino games without having to log into their personal computer. Imagine going to the doctors and having to wait for your turn. You could easily access your account on your favorite casino and enjoy a bunch of online casino games and various slot machines that could bring you great wins in a matter of minutes. Doesn’t that sound exciting? It may sound like a movie script but you could casually win the next jackpot just by spinning a few rounds.


If your passion for slot machines is bigger than anything, I encourage you to try the games produced by Gamesys. They will definitely change the way you look at an online slot and from now on, you won’t be able to play any other game that doesn’t have entertaining visual effects and modern features. Gamesys Group is an exceptional software provider that has definitely left its trademark in the online casino industry. Discover their products right away!

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