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There are a lot of software providers in the gambling industry, still, every player knows by name only a couple of them, probably the giants like Microgaming and NetEnt for example. Still, if we were to look at the small casino game providers we'd find that a lot of gamblers have heard of Bally Technologies as well. They don't really have a lot of casino games, but the ones they do have impressed players so much that it would've been impossible to forget about them. Read the review below to find out more about this outstanding software provider!  
  1. Bally Technologies History
  2. Trademarks
  3. Best Bally online slot machine games
  4. Mobile development
  5. Why play casino games by Bally Software Provider

Bally Technologies History

The Bally software provider has changed its name quite a couple of times from its early days in 1968. In the beginning, it was called Advanced Patent Technology and in 1996 it became Alliance Gaming. That's when Bally Gaming International bought the company. It got its current name in 2006 when they suddenly became a popular slot machine maker both in the online world and in land-based casinos. This company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the center of the gambling universe because they want to be as close to the action as possible. Bally software provider is very well-known among land-based casino players, but in recent years they have managed to move some of their most famous slot machines to the world wide web and take it by assault.

Bally trademarks

One thing that sets Bally Technologies apart from the rest is that they always create high-quality slot machines that have great bonus games and features, as well as graphics and sound effects. If you sit and take a look at every slot machine they have made this far you will realize that they share the same quality in these areas and that they are all great. Still, there is no possible way to set some clear guidelines to recognizing an online slot machine by the Bally software providers because they are all very different. In fact, they try their hardest not to remain stuck in the same casino game and just add some things to it and present it as another. They start everything from scratch, pick an interesting theme and go with it and create as they feel at that moment. This is why, while they are all amazing, you can't really find things that they have in common. If there's one thing that's rather similar it's the shape and the location of the spin button, which is usually round and on the right side of the screen.

Best Bally Technologies online slot machine games

If you haven't yet started playing any of their casino games then you should start with their more classic casino games like Quick Hit Platinum or Playboy Hot Zone that have a Vegas theme and will make you remember the good old days of slot machines. They might not look like much but they have great features and bonus games. As we were saying before, Bally software provider is huge in land-based casinos, but that doesn't mean that their online slot machines are not as good. In fact, all of their online casino game have the same amazing features and graphics and sound effects that will really get you in the mood. With wilds, free spins, multipliers and other interesting bonus games these casino games will surely spark your interest. Probably the most famous online slot machine by this software provider is the Titanic slot. Based on the world famous movie that we all know and love, this casino game makes you feel like you're a passenger on the ship yourself and that that you're witnessing Jack and Rose's love first hand. The most interesting and innovative thing about this casino game is that even before it starts you have to choose which type of bet you want to place and this will determine if you get a first class, second class or third class ticket. What ticket you have will affect your experience and the number of bonus games you can win. If you're a music aficionado and think that Michael Jackson really was the king of pop then you should try Bally Technologies' Michael Jackson online slot machine. On the reels, you will find all of his trademark items like his gloves, hat and shoes and the king himself. And while you play you'll hear some of his greatest hits!

Bally Technologies mobile development

While the movement of slot machines from the brick and mortar casino and their transformation into online slot machines was an event that changed gambling forever, right now we're seeing the dawn of a new age again. These days you won't see anyone without a smartphone in their hand so of course, mobile devices are clearly the next step for gambling. Every important software provider tries to make a name for itself as a mobile slot provider as well so Bally Technologies couldn't miss out on this opportunity. Bally software provider has actually become one of the most trusted mobile technology creators in the whole gambling industry. Every week thousands of people download their two types of mobile applications. The first type is an internal facing app that can be used by employees, while the other type is an external facing app for patrons. Their online slot machines work on every important mobile device such as iPad, iPhone, Android, Android tablet, Blackberry and much more.

Why play casino games by Bally Software Provider

You should play Bally Technologies casino games because they offer a whole experience. From graphics and sound effects to gameplay you get really immersed in any online slot machine you'd choose to play. They're fun, interesting and special and you can take them with you on the go and play wherever you like because they are compatible with all mobile devices!

Bally Games

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