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Aristocrat gaming company has been the oldest online casino software provider in the history of casino games. It has unlimited experience and since 1953 they amazed the world with their continuous innovations. Now, they have a global team of more than 3000 employees, operate in over 90 countries all over the world and have a license in approximately 240 gaming jurisdictions. But who's counting? There is not enough time to talk about how many changes and how Aristocrat influenced other providers. But nonetheless, the following review will try to cover at least the milestones of their work and history. Company's history Innovations and technology

Company's history

In 1953, Aristocrat game software provider was created not knowing that it's going to make history. After just three years, they revolutionized gaming world with the creation of Clubmaster. This was the first casino slot machine that had been developed with:
  • multi lines,
  • scattered payouts.
Also, with this casino slot machine, futuristic features such as:
  • free-play locks,
  • self-lubricating reels had been added.
And luck was on their side because, after just a short period of time, the Australian government legalized poker machines in public places like bars, pubs, and casinos. In this same year, 1958, an extra plus of design detail has improved the slot machines:
  • fully lit reels,
  • scorecards.
There were just a couple of steps from the start line to a tremendous success. Aristocrat casino game software provider have conquered the Australian market and soon worldwide by coming up with two more slot machines:
  • Slimline,
  • Sheerline.
The next steps were obvious. The slot games created by them fastly gained popularity in Europe and United States of America, especially in Las Vegas. The customized poker machine created for the US had taken over most of the current games. But as technology was quickly developing, the industry of casino slot machines had to keep up. The digital age didn't find Aristocrat unprepared. In the 1970s the company has invented
  • the first video-based slot machine,
  • the first electronic credit meter,
  • the first five-reel slot machine.
After these years, sometimes of struggles but also extraordinary achievements, had followed:
  • the invention of the virtual reel that has changed the limited number of possible outcomes;
  • US government finally approves casino game software providers to lease their slot machines in bars, clubs, casinos;
  • the company extended its offices throughout the world,
  • in the 1990s Aristocrat it's listed as a public company;
  • after the economic crisis, Aristocrat casino game software provider had to come with a new marketing strategy. Play to Win was a new beginning for the company because they have pointed their attention towards the US players with the aim to create the best casino online slot games and video games ever.
The mobile application made Aristocrat games accessible to everyone. The frenzy created by their mobile games have determined many online casinos to acquire games and close agreements with the company. But regardless all these accomplishments, 2014 comes with loads of surprises:
  • Buffalo Stampede is awarded as being the top for-sale game in North America by the annual casino slot machine survey,
  • Walking Dead is cataloged as casino product of 2014 within the Global Gaming Awards,
  • 5 Dragon Legend is voted as the best slot game at G2E Asia.

Innovations and technology

With such a remarkable development is even hard to question their online casino slot machines and their games in general. But with a continuous growing of staff that has a thirst for creativity, a determination for technology and a bursting will for performance, Aristocrats casino game software provider is bringing new innovations day by day. Because all developers that work at this gaming company has a broad perspective towards future, some of their ideas of how to improve online casino slot games are really brilliant. 1. ARC machines create an extraordinary cinematic playing experience. They have a screen that is curved with touch-screen and sweeping technology. The best new features are represented by the stereo surround sound system and LCD touch screen for a holistically unified experience. Players can enjoy some amazing themes and slot machines like Big Bang Theory, Buffalo Grand, Game of Thrones. 2. Behemot is the largest cabinet slot in the world that usually transforms the playing experience into social events always being the star of the night. It has a huge high-definition monitor and a 14-button command bar that facilitates couples or group players. 3. Helix series of casino slot games is an older innovation that has been fabulous at its time because it brought an infinity-edged, high-definition, frameless display projects. It also presented ergonomic features that give the players more leg room and adjustable chair for the height. There is nothing left to say! After such a great amount of dedication and team hard-work, Aristocrat casino game software provider has proven their value and professionalism. Lots of online casinos have and will trust them regarding all their casino online games. Because the team and originality of ideas are still growing, the owners decided to create other small gaming companies and projects:
  • Product Madness was created by two students that were developing online games for mobile devices and for Facebook. Now, the entrepreneurs are famous for their combination of game content with social online slot game. The most known slots that the company has created are Heart of Vegas and Jackpot Dreams,
  • Video Gaming Technology or better known as VGT is a manufacturer, developer, and distributor of casino games even since 1991 mostly for bingo-based gaming or Class II types of games. Their best creations are Mr. Money Bags, Hot Ruby Red, and Lucky Ducky,
  • The Class III gaming include all sorts of casino games of blackjack, roulette, craps and so on. These games combine logic and imaginations and the best ones to try are Tarzan Lord of the Jungle, Miss Kitty, and Buffalo Grand.
All these casino games technology are carefully built by professional developers but what is very important is the security breaches to be covered. Aristocrats casino game software provider knows that the fear of all players is to be cheated, lose money, or have their information stolen. As such, all their games are being protected by amazing security systems such as Oasis360 and System 7000.

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